Website Traffic Data

Third party verified is compliant with Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards for online advertising.  Web advertising is delivered through DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), an industry-standard, third party ad serving system.

Web advertising is accepted from third-party ad servers.  Web traffic is monitored and audited by Omniture, a third party, independent web metrics service that conforms to all IAB standards.  Both DFP and Omniture filter out all non-human traffic (like search engine spiders) so you can be assured the numbers you see are real users. web traffic -- 3rd party verified

  • 600,000+ page views per month
  • 286,000+ unique visitors per month website traffic distribution

  • 53% articles (features/news)
  • 19% category pages
  • 9% galleries
  • 4% home page
  • 3% blogs
  • 2% search
  • 10% other

Source: Omniture/publisher reported data