Extended Frequency Program

Continue to reach IndustryWeek’s high-value audience – even when they’re not on the IW website

Extend your advertising campaign to ensure great results. IndustryWeek Extended Frequency allows you to reach the IW audience when they’re not on IndustryWeek.com.

Let’s face it – most users don’t take an action the first time they see an ad. Especially when long buying cycles for complex products are involved, conversions take time. The Extended Frequency program addresses this challenge by allowing your message to stay relevant with IndustryWeek website users.

When users leave the IndustryWeek.com site, your ad will continue to appear to that user on other B-to-B websites. There are more than 6,000 sites in the Extended Frequency program, so you’re able to reinforce your message to IW’s buyers and decision makers on a large scale.